13 Steps

by Barking Owls

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released July 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Barking Owls Twin Falls, Idaho

A new choice for honest listeners who want to get what they pay for. The band’s blend of folk, pop, rock, alt-country, and bluegrass elements yields a catchy and thoughtful, yet accessible, brand of hand-made music that doesn’t fit neatly into any one genre—Americana at its finest. ... more

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Track Name: Whatever
Now I'm fallin' in and out of love, I know it's only just because
it's just never ever what
You'd think it'd be, it's fallacy, I'll give it till the count of three
and then I'm giving up

Now I don't even want you back, I'm keeping score but losing track
I think you're still in the lead
But I don't care, I'll leave it there, don't you come runnin' back to here
'cause now I'm comin' clean

I finally got it all together
And I've put away my nevers
And even if I didn't feel better [which I do]
I'd still be right... [I'd say to you] I'd still be like... whatever

Now I don't know what's down this road, could make a U but I suppose
I'll just keep truckin' on
Now it's ups and downs, and little towns, I think I might be turned around
or could it be I just been found?

Now for better or for worse, it's a blessing and a curse
this is what you left me with
Now here stands a man, from what began, you wouldn't recognize him and
I just don't give a rip


Whatever you need to tell yourself
Whatever lies you believe
Whatever don't need any o' my help
Whatever just made you leave

Track Name: Love Sick
This ain't just some 24 hour bug
It's a full on, knock down, drag out flu
Don't think an MD, could even save me
I'm sick in love in with you

I'm under this - whether you love me or not
I'm laid up broke down and blue
I'm feverish - in a cold sweat burnin' hot
I'm love sick over you

The only fix is self medication
And I'd hardly call that cure
So I take placebos of guitars and banjos
And girls with smiles like yours


I'm burning up, got a terrible fever
She's turning up, and turning me down
I'd follow up, but it's a risky procedure
I'd foul it up, anyway.... cause I'm all strung out

You're happiest - wherever I'm not
I'm torn down, broke and blue
I'm under this - I wish that you'd catch what I got
I'm love sick over you
Track Name: 13 Steps
It's a good thing dead men walk
And from the way they talk
13 steps will work

It's a sentenced cure
And when the state is sure
They'll plant me in the dirt

13 steps from the fix
13 steps to escape these bricks
My unlucky trip
Led me up to this
13 steps from the fix

They charged the both of us
But it's her they trust
She said it was my gun

She hid all the hints
Then wiped away her prints
They say I'm they guilty one


I'm clinking as I step
It's left then right then left
Then there's nothing left to grip

Nothing but the count
Soon I'll be in the ground
It should be over quick

13 steps from the fix
9 more to escape these bricks
Now I'm down to only 6
3 more will end this
1 more step from the fix
Track Name: I'll Keep Waiting
Now I don't believe
That you wanna leave
Cause something keeps holding you here

Though there's a distance I see
When your eyes look at me
Still they keep on drawing me near

I'll keep waiting for you
For as long as I have to
I'll keep waiting for you
I.... will wait... I will wait... for you

Now I know you're not scared
Maybe not quite prepared
We've been building up to this for ages

And I don't pretend
That I understand
But that won't stop me turnin' these pages


With nothing but love above you
Now nothing just won't feel right
And nothing would take gettin' used to
Holding onto every night

Now the waiting is easy
Believe you me, see
When I know I'm waiting for this

Till you came along
Were no words to this song
Now my melody's tuned to your kiss

Track Name: Here's the Thing
I guess I got a little thing for you
But I don't mean a thing to you, it's true
I'd like to tell you what I'd like to do with you

Get you all up to speed
On why you should be with me
We'll see if we can be all that I hoped we'd be

I don't even know myself
What I'm doing here with you when you're with someone else
I guess I really should fill you in
On what I'm thinkin'... but here's the thing

There's a little thing I'd like to do
If you're down, it's up to you
If you do then tell me well we might just see this through

If you're feelin' what I say
Could ya send a little my way
When a little is all you got, a little means a lot, makes it OK


Got this whole thing planned with you
If only I meant a damn to you
But from where I stand, man I think I don't stand a chance with you

It would mean a lot to me
If you could send a little relief,
Reprieve, believe, but please don't leave, come see about me

Track Name: One For the Money
Nothin' but dust
Grows round this place
We do what we must
Now this is what it takes

1 for the money
2 for the door
Count of 3 if you're ready
That's what banks are 4

A bag for the greenbacks
A gun full o' lead
A new dot on this map
And the same 4 steps


Don't ya pull that trigger
Unless the take's enough
Cause it only figures
When you add it up

Track Name: Are You Done With Me Then?
My head... won’t stop hurting
While you’re busy flirting
From Toledo down to Mexico

My heart... sure is stinging
While you’re busy flinging
Just thought I’d ask if I could know

Are you done with me then
Or should I pretend that we're really not over yet
Are you done with me then
Are we on the mend or should I just call it quits
Thought I’d see if you still need me or will this be the end
Are you done with me then

It seems... you’re way to busy
Or always throwing a tizzy
When you finally do answer the phone

You might... just be that pretty
To do me wrong and dis' me
But I think I’d rather go it alone


I guess I was just blinded
But your friends said you'd already let me go
And I suppose I wouldn't mind it
But why am I always the last to know?

Track Name: Miss Guided Mr. E
Now I'm state side, ring side, high side, inside
Riding on a high tide, waiting for my ride
Wide-eyed, no lies, can't hide the blindside
Untied, no bride, writing me a love guide

I call you Miss Guided
You can call me Mr. E
Now we're divided
By a hers and history

Now I'm full stride, all pride, tear drops, all dried
You cried, I sighed, you slept beside
I applied, you replied, bona fide denied
How snide, tongue-tied, in his sheets you slide


Right side up, and left side down
To top it off, I'm bottom bound

Now I can't abide, what you supplied, allied then defied
Night drive, bow tie, bone dry, fly by
Retried, denied, dead heads, tie died
B-side, two ply, not quite, nice try

Track Name: Gearbox
Tally up, knuckle tough
I'll take five if you've got some
Been black and blue, a time or two
But that's half the fun

I've added gears, and shapes of spears
To bring the brass to bear
Head don't think, don't let your ears blink
We're rounded out to square

Tension spring, pendulum swing
Wind it up, synchronize your clocks
Patent pend, just check my grin
I've been working on... my gearbox

Smoking screen, feeds the machine
The satin and the leather and steel
Zeppelin blimps, faculty glimpse
For necessity invented the wheel

No stutter see, planned and plotted nicely
Precision visioned in every move
Crafted tight, strung out like a kite
Pistons pumpin' thumpin' out this here groove


Monocle poked in my face, top hat shoved in its place
Take my spot in the assembly line
Mind the cuffs and the lapels, wipe the grease spot tattletells
You'll get the parts you need one at a time

Track Name: Some Kind of Joke
I saw the two of us, in an old photograph
Smiles on our faces said we'd never grow old
Remember when I could make you laugh
Now this is all some kind of joke

Please stop me if you've heard this one before
Girl meets boy and boy meets hope
Funny at first, but I'm not laughing anymore
Now this is all some kind of joke

Now I'm the punchline of your life's story
I'm the fall guy, so you can dump on me
I'm the one line I don't think is so funny
Now that the joke's on me

OK, I admit it I don't get this one
Maybe I wasn't following too close
Or maybe I'm over thinking things again
Now this is all some kind of joke


I'm on the outside of an inside joke
Don't recognize the couple in this photograph
Guy walks into a bar and walks into hope
Don't make me laugh

I saw the two of us, waste of a good photo
You built me up but now I'm broke
I was too chicken to cross that road
Now this is all some kind of joke

Track Name: Love's Tempting Me
Love's tempting me, but I won't fall for it this time
No I don't believe, though I admit I've towed the line
It always seems, this time will work out now
But then she leaves, just like she's done a hundred times before

Don't you be fooled, I know you think you're happy now
You'd best play it cool, now don't you ever let on how

You feel, that's when it starts downhill
You think it's real, just say "I won't" when she says "I will"

It's all part of the same conversation
I keep on having in my head
I'm dead set, then beset by reservations
It's white hot, then blue on blue, and all I see is red

You'd think I'd learn, but it's taken a lifetime
Ya know I've been burned, I've seen no light but I'm not blind
And so it goes, don't make the same mistakes
And no one knows, what doesn't bend will surely break


Love's tempting me, thought you and me were I and I
Now I finally see, that it's all just one big lie
I'll just up and leave, I'd just make a mess of this
Hard to believe, that there was once a time I did

Track Name: Let Down Your Hair
I told you I love you, you know that's the truth
If'n you don't believe me, I'll offer the proof
Not by walking miles, or mountains in strife
But I promise I'll prove it, the rest of my life

Let down your hair and I'll let down my guard
She said, "this is love, it's supposed to be hard"
Now imagine a place, like this just simple and warm
It's like trying to count, raindrops in a storm

Sorry I hurt your feelings, you know I've got some too
Sometimes we don't remember, the both of us do
When time hasn't mended, the both of us yet
When you can't forgive yourself, you just have to forget

I'll let down my guard, if you'll let down your hair
She said, "this is love, promise me you'll play fair"
I said this goes beyond promises, or wishes or pacts
Now I'll love you forever, and that's just a fact

I said I'll love you forever, and that's just a fact
Track Name: This Only Gets Better
Met you after the show
Only goes to show that you don't know
How it's gonna play

Now I been hit by a train
Full bore, not sure, I don't recall my name
Or feeling quite this way

And this only gets better
And we don't have to try
And this only gets better
Now that we got the time to take our time

I'm tangled up in my words
If we get what we deserve that'd be a first
I think we might just could

It's gettin' harder to land
Get gone, get along, gotta get what you can
While the gettin's good


Don't you cross this here line
Unless you're all on board
Don't go wastin' my time
I'll give you what for
It's gettin' harder to play like I don't mind
And I find, I walk that line, every time